Welcome, my name is Kinga Mnich. I am an impact coach and social psychologist. I help women to shift from feeling like time is running out to making an impact to be accomplished and confident to pursue what matters.

I help you to understand and then leverage their emotions to become the best version of yourself. Working with capable, creative, and driven women is always a special adventure. And I can't wait to see you grow. 

The Ziva Way Method 4 Week Mastermind

The four secrets to success and achieving your goals are:

1. Create a support network that understands your issues!

2. Have a clear 'WHY' that will help you to stay motivated no matter how grey the day is.

3. Create a clear step by step strategy that breaks down your goals into small steps.

4. Create accountability in your life. 

Let me help you to create together within this Mastermind your killer strategy. 

This Mastermind was designed just for you: the creative busy business owner.

You’re ready to move to the next level within your business… 

But you’re entirely OVERWHELMED doing *one more* thing without a step by step to-do-list – and want support in creating a strategy done for you.

Sound familiar?

The Ziva Way Method 4 Week Mastermind! Instagram Growth Package was made for you.

Let’s partner up – and get you on track with a strategy, accountability group, weekly dose of motivation, and a support network.

Receive four 1.5h group coaching sessions with max. 12 people

Get weekly email access to Kinga.

Receive a workbook to create clarity, set goals, and make them a reality.

Get access to a network of like-minded people. 

The Ziva Way Method 4 week Mastermind
The Ziva Way Method 4 week Mastermind
This Mastermind includes four 1.5 hour group coaching sessions. E-mail access to Kinga and workbook to create your individual strategy. We will start Monday, July 6th with the first session at 9 am EST. Looking forward to working with you. 

About the Mastermind

  • Finally, put an end to continually feeling like you are procrastinating. 
  • Create a strategy that allows you to make your progress visible and measurable.
  • Start developing a mindset filled with abundance and positivity.
  • Make even the most tedious part of your journey fun.
  • Create a network that will support you and your goals.
Let's connect and get to know each other!!


We respond to every message within 48 business hours, Monday – Friday 9 am - 5 pm EST

Every message is important to us. In case you feel like we might have missed it, please feel free to send us another note again.

We are here to support you.

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